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What is Wadooh?

Why use Wadooh?

How to become a Member?

Wadooh Basic

How to use Wadooh?

What is Stuff?

What is Ding?

What is Top of Fame?

How does Wadooh Friendship work?

Using Wadooh

How to post Stuff?

How to post Ding?

How to search for people?

How to watch other user?

Why can't I delete some pictures?

Other Question

What is the recommended size for Profile Picture?

What is Relic?

How to create more fame for your stuff?

How to take a good Stuff picture?

System Requirements for using Wadooh?


Q: What is Wadooh?

A: Wadooh is the first Social 'Reviewing' Network that enables users to share, and discover their stuff stories and experiences.

Q: Why use Wadooh?

A: We believe that everyone deserves reliable information. As a Social 'Reviewing' Network, information on Wadooh was shared and discovered among users. Therefore, getting information on Wadooh is straight, simple and reliable.

Q: How to become a member?

A: Simply go to and sign up for Wadooh account, it's completely free. By using Wadooh you agree with our Terms and Privacy Policy.

Wadooh Basic

Q: How to use Wadooh?

A: After you create an account, sign in to your account. To get full access to Wadooh, you must first verify your email address.

Q: What is Stuff?

A: Stuff is products, things or goods that you owned. You can post almost any of your Stuff e.g. automotive, gadget, apparel, stationary, jewelry, computer, etc. Depends on the Quarantine setting, your stuff will be visible to your friendship.

Q: What is Ding?

A: With Ding you can ask or say something to other users. Your Ding will appear on your friends and watcher home board. You can Ding about products info like discount information or you can ask products opinion from your friends.

Q: What is Top of Fame?

A: The Top of Fame list the highest fame user among your friendship or among other users around the world. Whenever you post stuff, add pictures to your stuff, get Wow! to your stuff or get a lot of comments to your stuff, they will be added to the Fameter counter. As a result, user with highest Fameter count will be featured on the Top of Fame.

Q: How does Wadooh Friendship work?

A: In Wadooh you can watch other users and they can watch you too. However, when two Users watch each other they become Friend. Depends on your stuff Quarantine setting, there will be several differences between what stuff a Watcher and Friend can see on their home board.

Using Wadooh

Q: How to post Stuff?

A: Posting stuff is simple, click the Post Stuff button, add your stuff picture, fill in the title (name, brand, model) and write your stuff story. When you finish click post.

Q: How to post Ding?

A: Click the Ding button, type in anything. When you finish click post. Wadooh limit Ding to 144 characters each post.

Q: How to search for people?

A: You can search for people using Search Wadooh. The Search Wadooh is located on the top bar of any Wadooh page. Write Name, Username or Email Address to find people.

Q: How to watch other user?

A: Navigate to the user profile page. Click the +Friendship button and select watch.

Q: Why can't I delete some pictures?

A: To delete a picture, please make sure it does comply with all the following conditions:

  1. The picture is not a cover picture of any stuff.
  2. The picture is not the only one left that the stuff has.
  3. The picture was posted by you.

Other Question

Q: What is the recommended size for Profile Picture?

A: Wadooh bly recommend you to use image with maximum size of 444px by 444px for your Profile Picture.

Q: What is Relic?

A: When you have your stuff broken, missing or have it sold away, set it to Relic. However after you set the stuff to Relic, you can still normally interact with it.

Q: How to create more fame for your stuff?

A: To create more fame for your stuff, use some interesting pictures, fairly tell stories and descriptions about it. You will also want to add some pros and cons, prices and your satisfaction rate to your stuff. The more information you put on your post, the more fame it will be.

Q: How to take a good stuff picture?

A: You can use phone, tablet or other cameras to take pictures of your stuff. Try as simple as you can. Try not to take picture against crowded background as it will outstrip your objects.

Q: System Requirements for using Wadooh?

A: To use Wadooh you need device with internet connection on it. The device can be a PC, Notebook, Tablet or Mobile Phone. The device should also have a web browser that supports Java Script.

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